Tips on balance assist stuff for my bathroom?

Feeling tired and weak. I think I would benefit from a few aids to assist me with my balance around the bathroom.

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Hi, I answered another post similar to yours before and here’s what I recommended regarding devices to assist with balance around the bathroom.


A shower chair, shower bench or shower stool is perfect for someone who has little or no mobility. The shower or bathtub could be unsafe for someone with poor balance, so it’s always better if they sit down, it’s the safest way to go.

Grab bars are also very handy. If you install them in the bathtub or the shower, you can have something to grab if you feel unsteady or lose your balance. Definitely put in as many as you think you need, both to help you get in the bath area and to assist you while actually taking your shower.

A transfer pole is a device that attaches to the floor and ceiling. It’s basically great because it helps you safely get in and out of the bath area, especially if you feel your balance is off.

I would also recommend you get toilet safety rails if you don’t feel too steady when sitting down and standing up from the toilet. They’ll just add support.

A non-slip mat, just because you can never be too safe. It prevents slips and falls and is probably the first thing you should get for your bath or shower.


Loss of balance should be taken seriously, especially in the bathroom, so do take these into consideration. Be safe.

Answered on August 26, 2016.
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