I think I need a couch assist

I’m 84, never needed any assistance for standing, live on my own, but unfortunately I had a fall and had to have surgery. I realize I need a couch assist or some kind of standing aid because it’s hard for me to get in and out of my sofa. I don’t want to feel like an invalid or have people in my house helping me. Will the couch assist be enough?

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there’s all kinds of standing aids out there that can help you in many areas of the house, not just the living room. The couch assist will get you to the edge of the couch and give you added stability when rising. Have you looked into a transfer pole? This can also help you get up from the couch ro chair, with the difference that this device has to be bolted to the floor, whereas the couch assist is portable. How about getting out of bed? or moving around in the bathroom? If your surgery has left you with muscle weakness or poor stability, you need to think about your safety overall. You might need a bed assist, maybe grab bars for the shower or even a shower bench….


Answered on September 16, 2016.
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