Do people need more light after 50?

Is it true that we need more light to improve our vision after a certain age? Do we see less? How does that relate to sunlight?

Asked on September 6, 2016 in Healthy Aging,   Lamp,   Light,   Sight,   Vision.
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Just as our body changes with age, so do our eyes. So yes, we tend to see less. In my experience, and I’m 60, more light has helped me see better. Of course I use glasses, but I’ve found that adding better lighting in my house, for example, has helped me with sharpness and clarity. When I did, I asked around in order to see what kind of lamps I should get and I found that light that emulated sunlight was the best. So I bought full-spectrum light bulbs and I can tell you it really does make a difference.


Answered on September 6, 2016.
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yes, yes, yes. I’m still waiting for the first person to tell me this isn’t true. All my friends are complaining about constantly having to strain their eyes, me included. As we age, there’s a natural decline in all our functions, including eyesight, and one of the things we can do to help ourselves is get better lighting. I put in a full spectrum lamp in my home studio and I am happy to report that it was well up to my expectations. The light was so natural, I loved the color and the brightness was perfect. I like the tone so much, that over time I will replace every light in my house. If I close my eyes I can trick myself into thinking it’s soft sunlight, which is not bad for those of us who live in 25C temps!

Answered on September 9, 2016.
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