Lift chair for dad. Yes or no?

These kinds of sites are a first for me, but thought it might help with my dilemma about if I should get dad a lift chair. Dad’s knees have been weakening over the years and he’s been complaining about a bad back. Whenever I come to his house I see he has trouble standing from the couch. Will a lift chair help him?

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Having a lift chair has its many benefits. In the case of your dad, I think either a lift chair or a couch cane will help him, depending on his upper body strength. Do you think he’s strong enough to lift himself up with the help of a standing aid or does he need 100% support? This will ultimately be the answer to your question. Both a couch cane and a lift chair will give your dad independence while remaining at home, they will help with his mobility, and they’ll increase his safety and decrease the risk of injury. However, a couch cane will be cheaper, while a lift chair will definitely be a little more expensive. Not the best pic but a couch cane looks something like this

RE: Lift chair for dad. Yes or no?


Answered on September 15, 2016.
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