Do we lose our sense of balance as we get old?

And can we do anything to regain our old balance.

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I seem to be the resident balance nut in this forum, so here’s a short answer but please look at my other answers on balance. Let’s start with what gives us balance, which is nothing other than a mapping system inside our head. Our ears, our nose and our throat are interlaced with a series of canals on different axis from one another. As the fluid inside of them moves around our brain begins to process where and how we are. If we’re upside down for instance, the fluid tells our brain something is up, or down in this case. Our vision provides more data about where we are. Something called Proprioception tells us where our body parts are. Finally, our brain puts all the information together. And somehow, and the how is clearly explained in the book Balance: the Search for our Lost Sense, this mechanism begins to falter with age. That’s where vertigo and dizziness come from. Now, there is plenty we can do about it and I recommend you look up balance exercises, standing aids, and definitely get that book.

Answered on August 26, 2016.
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